Balham Courtyard

A courtyard in south London for a busy couple with a penchant for Japanese design.

As such, the focus was on seasonal simplicity with a beautiful Acer Sangu-Katu taking centre stage and filling the picture window. The bruised red of the Persicaria is a perfect companion throughout the summer, providing a long season of intense colour alongside a host of shade-loving evergreens.
A tree placed directly outside the living room’s full height window casts the Acer in a leading role, allowing it to provide a year-round interest and colour. 

Naturalistic swathes of Persicara, Hakonechloa and Ferns within the crisp frame of a bespoke full-width raised planter is a dynamic foil to the smooth limestone paving. 

Architect & Landscaper : MarshKeene

Plants : Palmstead
Photography : Anna Stathaki

Completed : September 2021