L’Estrange is a forward-thinking menswear brand on a mission to help people to do more with less.

To help them tell the story of their clothes, we designed an everlasting meadow for their flagship store in London’s iconic Coal Drop’s Yard. Flax, yarrow and cotton make up a tapestry of dried dye and fiber plants that are woven together to create a textural meadow. Working alongside Fred Rigby Studio who designed the shop along biophilic principles with storm-stricken London Plane trees and natural wall finishes to forge a connection with the broader environment.
The garden is a daily point of connection and conversation for staff and visitors to the store - the story of their product is articulated in the meadow they hang above. The brand’s focus on renewable, sustainable and natural materials is demonstrated in the flax that is woven into both the meadow and their t-shirts. 

The store was featured widely in the design press, and there are plans to roll out a similar concept across future stores. 

Client : L’Estrange

Interiors: Fred Rigby Studio

Date: May 2023